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Car Wreckers and Cash for Cars

We have moved from Hamilton to Putaruru (Still only a call away)

It has been tough couple of months moving and trust us, when we say tough, the relocation has not been easy. It all started with YOU, our valued customers throughout the regions we services. We’ve been operating in Hamilton for a decade and the longer we stayed in the business the more customers we serviced.

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Car Wreckers and Cash for Cars

How much do you get for scrapping a car? (New Zealand)

No matter how powerful a car is, a day will always come when it becomes no better than a “lemon”. Most of the old bangers you see in many garages or auto shops were once the latest models. But at some point, they became so useless to the owner that the only way to get

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Car Wreckers and Cash for Cars

How to get rid of an old car (New Zealand)

Regardless of how strong or durable a car is, it will always have a prime, beyond which it will no longer be practical or safe to keep it much longer. Therefore a question How to Get Rid of an Old Car? is always asked and we are here to answer it. If you are wondering

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