How to get rid of an old car (New Zealand)

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car wreckers hamiltonRegardless of how strong or durable a car is, it will always have a prime, beyond which it will no longer be practical or safe to keep it much longer. Therefore a question How to Get Rid of an Old Car? is always asked and we are here to answer it. If you are wondering how much car wreckers pay for dead vehicles? We have tried to explained here how a dead vehicle’s price is valuated by car wreckers here.

If you are like most of the New Zealanders, then you’ve probably spent a fortune already trying to keep up a vehicle that’s past well past its lifespan. But here’s what you don’t know: beside the stress and financial strain old car owners are often exposed to, the “environment” also gets a share of the cross.


Think about what all those hazardous oil leaks and rust can do to the soil when they reach the ground and you would realize that old cars are not meant to be kept or maintained. They are detrimental to our surrounding and can also cause a lot of headache for the owners. Scary, isn’t it?

So if the cleanliness of your environment is anything to you, then you should not be holding on to an old aged scrappy car. And except you don’t want to get any cash value on the vehicle, then you can either leave it in your garage to completely deteriorate or make some cash for it.

And just in case you don’t know; even the scrappiest or dead-dead car can be worth as much as $12k when you take it to a company like Snap Dismantlers.

Whether it’s a funky smell that doesn’t want to go off or a continuous oil leak that cannot be fixed, once you get to that point where your car is “dead-dead”, then it’s time to get rid of it. It’s better to cash in on it while you still can before the vehicle becomes no better than a refuse dump.

So how do you go about it?

Sell It to Car Wreckersauto wreckers hamilton

Selling an old, scrap vehicle may sound simple but it’s not that easy especially if you decide to go about it on your own. It’s not like changing a piece of cloth or offloading some old pair of shoes. When trading an old car, you will be faced with screening a lot of potential buyers which can be pretty overwhelming and time consuming.

However, when you choose to sell to your junk car to car wreckers you can save yourself the time and stress. This method is pretty simple and much faster and also ensures that the car will be properly recycled.

All you need to do is provide your car details over the phone mostly or via their website or take it to their yard and let the company take it up from there.

You can use the money realised from the sale to knock off a chunk of the asking price of the new car you are eyeing. If you are in Waikato or Bay of Plenty then just FYI, at Snap Dismantlers, junk cars can be worth as much as $12k.

Scrap It

Scraping is another way to get some cash for cars that are no longer roadworthy.

When your vehicle gets to that point where it’s no longer practical to continue fixing it, then you may want to consider offloading it. However, you should only do this if you think the car is really old and can no longer be useful to someone else or if it has so many faults that will cost you a lot a lot of money to fix.

There are many scrape yards in New Zealand that will offer you a good price for your old horse. A good example is Snap Dismantlers.

Usually, the car’s body and doors will be disposed for material while its other components are more likely to be salvaged for refurbishment. Also, the larger the car, the more money you stand to make from its scrap.

Sell it in parts

If you need some tips about shopping used parts? click here to see our 5 tips

Before you thought about getting rid of your car, chances are that you’ve already made a lot of repairs on the vehicle, some of which involved replacing some parts. Since the car is most like to be an old model, have you ever thought about where the parts that were used for repairs came from? Well, you probably guessed right- Old cars.  Most vehicles are no longer in the market; so the parts are mainly sourced from similar cars that are no longer in use.

So you see…you are on the right track when you also decide to make your own old car a resource for used parts when you get tired of it.

When you sell your car in parts or pieces via reliable car wreckers, you can even make more money from it than when you sell it as scrap or as a whole.

Give it out!

cash for cars hamilton

A car that has been in active service for more than two decades is most likely to be well past its prime and will be only worth a few thousand dollars. But just in case you are not interested in trading it or selling it in parts, you may want to consider giving it to a loved one.

While an old scrap vehicle doesn’t really sound like the best gift, it’s definitely something your young nephew will appreciate for a lifetime, especially if he’s still 18.

Transform it

Apart from the options discussed above, another profitable way you can get rid of an old car is to completely transform it. No doubt, dead-dead vehicles are better off as scraps.

However, if by chance, your old vehicle is still a road worthy, you may want to consider transforming it by replacing some of its key components. Of course you will need a place that sells various parts that are in good condition at reasonable prices. This may include used tyres, batteries, windscreens, engine and gear boxes and lights. Again, you may want to check in with Snap Dismantlers.

Anyway, whether, you choose to sell it parts or scrap the old horse, the most important thing is that you’re making money from it. This is far better than allowing it to loose all its value in a garage.

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    My car has just failed it WOF and doesn’t have rego and getting a old

    Just wondering on how I can scrap my car in Christchurch

    Thank you

  3. Snap Dismantlers

    Hi Tai, best would be to google ‘car wreckers Christchurch’ and call them. I am sure you will get something for it. Unfortunately, we only do Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions at the moment. I hope that helps.

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    A old Car in yard , just like headache for us. Everyone will want to get rid of a old car. Your tips really helpful to me.

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