We pay up to $12,000 for unwanted vehicles.

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Car Wreckers Tauranga – Automotive Dismantlers in Tauranga area.

Ready to experience the most efficient car wrecking and cash for cars service offered in the entire Tauranga area?

Bay of Plenty Region’s very best Car Wreckers, Snap Dismantlers offers Cash for Cars Tauranga service,  fully dedicated to delivering premium quality car wrecking, on time, every time. Without exceptions.

By doing business with Snap Dismantlers, you will be putting your cash for cars and car wrecking needs in safe hands by entrusting them to the highest quality company with an impeccable track record of customer satisfaction.

What you get?

* Gauranteed Top Cash
* Free Removal
* Fantastic Customer Service

We strive towards providing you with the most efficient car wreckers Tauranga service. Environmentally clean and green recycling solutions is the name of the game when it comes to Snap Dismantlers car wreckers services.

Finding yourself in possession of an unwanted, broken – down, wrecked, or in any way damaged car or scrap that you no longer want to be taking your space?

Getting rid of it efficiently could prove to be a really time-consuming, tedious and frankly – BORING task. Take it from us – hundreds of our customers have complained about it.

Until they found us of course!

We will quickly, efficiently and promptly assist you in getting rid of your unwanted vehicles once and for all!

Call us today on 0800700180 or fill out the form to request a quote for your cars.


No1. Cash for Cars Tauranga and Car Wreckers in the entire area.

We have successfully completed thousands of different dismantling and recycling jobs since our company’s conception about 10 years ago and achieved tremendous growth during the previous years, but we are still remaining animated by the very same drive, enthusiasm and energy that compels us to keep improving and staying committed to our vision of providing you with the highest quality customer service, recycling solutions and the top cash on the market.

Our Inspiration is shared by every single member of our dedicated team, and always ready to serve you and your specific needs.

Forget all about having to scramble from one wrecker to the other in order to get the right price, a fair deal and an efficient, quality service. Simply let us know what you need and our experts will take care of everything else.

Let us dismantle, remove and take care of your car while you get top cash!

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